Time is like a circus, It's always packing up and moving away.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


that last post was from josh


We haven't been blogging we were just busy with school. AGAIN. I will continue to try to blog. Sorry I don't put pictures on its just we don't have a camera at the moment. anyway whats happening is we (mom, dad, josh, julia ) are starving our heads off.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sorry....alright lets catch up!

So....Lets get a few things strait
Joanna got married......
school started.......
and not so much bored.....
and playing with friends......
and last but not least julia got a loft(just like mine)in her room.

P.S.i got another new nerf gun thats awsomer!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

busy, BUSY,BUSY!

so we've been pretty busy about the wedding. the programs are printing Joanna and marie are making the last couple shopping trips, and all Im doing is sitting around playing my DSI.(I know i'm lazy)

P.S. i got a new nerf gun ....... its awesome!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


SAD! so i don't know if i told you that julia's mouse had baby's but she did. she had six? i don't know but last night five of our mice disappeared only Ziggy,gray-stripe and oreo are left. i want to CRY! bye!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

at least i'm trying!

sorry we keep not blogging. i always remember but in five seconds i forget. well were making progress! Joanna is getting married in 2 weeks already! schools is going to start soon NOOOO! but...... to make things better my birthday is this month! well i'm sort of busy right now so ........ bye!


Thursday, July 15, 2010


Sorry, we haven't blogged in a while so I'll sum it up.

* Joanna came.
* We went camping while Joanna was here.
* Learned how to play Werewolf.
* Learned about Cory, excuse me, Cody.
* Joanna left.
* We got new chickens. (they all died)
* Summer Break came.
* Jordan and Janae graduated.
*We got bored.
* Joanna got engaged.
* Got busy with wedding plans.
* Joanna Came to visit again ( She brought Cor- I mean Cody).
* Played hide'n'go seek in the dark.
* Ate Swei Jows.
* Joanna and Cor, Cody, left .
* Became more Involved in the wedding .
* Jessica had a baby.
* Sorry, I'll try to stop doing that.
* Baby got named Charlotte (or, in Sadie speak, La Let).
* Joanna came again.
* Went dress shopping .
* Didn't find a dress (Well, actually there was a dress in Utah That Joanna Really liked that she got.)
* Did more wedding stuff.
* CODY came.
* Joanna and Cody left.
* I'm getting excited for girls camp, and,

As you can see our life is kind of well, wedding. I also hope that you will forgive me because I didn't put any picture But I will soon. Gotta Go!

- Julia

Sunday, May 2, 2010


So our cousins came to visit us on thursday. which is why i haven't posted. on the day they came Julia and me (Joshua) had to do group class. UGH! But that night we played ware-wolf. On friday I had a sleep over with my two (almost) best friends. and we accidentally stayed up tell midnight . OOPS! On Saturday I had a primary activity. well... I got to sunday ... BEYE

Coming Soon!

Julia and Joshua (me) are making a LEGO movie! so just to make you keep your I peeled!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Joanna came!!!!

Joanna came on Thursday!!! She had gone for 4 MONTHS!!!!! After she got here we...
...went shopping
...played some Rock Band
...went to Jordan and Janaes LAST SPRING CONCERT!!! :(
...talked A LOT!!! (specifically, school, graduations (see above statement), CORY, (hehe))
...Joanna needs to BLOG!!!
...went camping
...had a DEElishus birthday lunch for her
...played werewolves (sp?)
And basically had fun!!!
Sorry, no pictures, Joanna took them all on her camera which gives her a good reason to BLOG!
- Julia
P.S. Did I mention Joanna needs to BLOG?

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I had some star testing and I hate it! I accidentally sprained my leg and now it hurts! I'm on a diet of milk so no milk, no milk chocolate and no ICE CREAM!




I am sooo excited! Joanna is coming home for a visit in a week! She's been at BYU for four months! I can't wait to see her!
- Julia
P.S. Josua and I have been doing some testing that we HATE!!! Josh will probably (sp?) blog about it later.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

happy B-day!

Yesterday was Jordan and Janae's birthday! Janae has a friend named Janae that had a birthday on friday. So Janae and Janae had a masquerade! It was awesome! There was a lopsided cake, a bunch of other treats and a disco ball! So give in and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to You!

So, today is Jordan and Janae's birthday! They are 18! Janae is having a masquerade (sp?) birthday party tonight with another girl named Janae who is turning 18 too.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Sorry we have not blogged in a while, but we have been pretty busy. Anyway, we had a great easter. First Moms cousin and her husband came down from Cupertino for the morning session of General Conference. Then Jessica, Rory, Sadie, Grandma and Grandpa Lance, and Uncle Scott came over for the egg hunt and lunch. So, we have this sparkly golden egg we dubbed the Golden Egg. Whoever finds the Golden Egg gets a prize (and bragging rights). This year I FOUND THE GOLDEN EGG!!!!! Okay, its not that exciting since I've found it two other times. For the prize I got a golden colored color-it-yourself poster. Anyway, after I found the Golden Eg- I mean, finished the egg hunt, we watched the second session of General Conference and then everyone came back over for dinner. Well, its been a fun day! I think I'll finish by saying,

(Sorry, no pictures, you'll have to go to Jessica's blog for those!)

Thursday, March 25, 2010


we are MAJOR trekkers. Our mom,julia and I went to the the star trek exhibition yesterday with the scheibs and it was awesome! There was the original bridge from the original series and there was a teleporter that teleported me and the rest of the gang to paris! and there was a model of the borg ship. and models of all of the U.S.S. ships such as the enterprise and the voyager. and there were rides to that were expensive but awesome!

Our Pets

So here are pictures of our pets: This is Captain Hook. He got his name from the end of his tail which is curved. And he's evil.
This is Fluffy. You can see why she's named that.
This is Jake. He's a dork.
Okay, Cheese is on the left and Rocky is on the right. Cheese is Joshua's and Rocky is mine.
And this is Chocolate Chip. I couldn't find Oliver or Kit Kat so you'll have to live without a picture of them.
- Julia

Monday, March 22, 2010


So our mom and dad are getting chickens! (Happy dance) and they already made(with our help)a chicken coop. I (Josh) and julia are home schooled with another family. I HATE history day (Monday) because I have to write a ton of sentences and paragraphs. Oooops!! gotta go! (school time!) Bye!!

The One And Only JOSHUA!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

What We're Doing

Well, Jessica and Jarom are married and Jarom and Stephanie (his wife) live in Utah where Joanna is going to BYU. Justin is going to collage here and Jordan and Janae are seniors in high school. Joshua and I are home schooled. I'm in the 7th grade and Josh is in the 5th. Well, I have to go to a confrence now.
P.S. Jessica's husbands name is Rory. They have a 18 month old girl named Sadie.

Meet The Cats

Sooo... let me describe our cats. Oldest to youngest. First theres Fluffy (I6 years old) Kit cat and chocolate chip are bros and sisters (I4 or I5) then comes oliver (3) then hook (2). Fluffy's the queen of the back yard. Kit cat and chocolate chip just roam around doing business. Oliver is the king of the front yard (all though the cats hardly excuse me NEVER go to the front yard.). hook thinks he owns the backyard although Fluffy really rules it. Well thats it!
pictures later (couldn't find a few cats) sorry!!


Hello World!

So we're going to start a blog. We are going to tell you about life with eight kids, a dog, five cats, two mice, and a partridge in a pear tree. (ok, so I made up the part about the Partridge)

We are (the Kids, Left to Right): Jessica, Jarom, Justin, Joanna, Jordan, Janae, ME! (Julia), and Josh.


Hurry! Someone mark the date! Mom FINALLY agreed to make a family blog! So I guess were going to be able to record things we do in our family. Well, I don't exactly know what to post about so I suppose I'll introduce our family. There is Dad, Mom, Jessica, Jarom, Justin, Joanna, Jordan, Janae, Me, and Joshua. Yes, there are eight kids in our family, and also a dog named Jake, six cats (Fluffy,Kit Kat, Chocolate Chip, Oliver, and Captain Hook aka Hook), two mice (Rocky and Cheese), and a partridge in a pear tree. (Okay, so I made up the part about the partridge, but I can dream can't I?) Our family is pretty crazy, but you'll get used to it. Jessica and Jarom are married and Jarom and Stephanie live in Utah where Joanna is going to collage. Justin is going to collage here and Jordan and Janae are seniors in high school. (Their twins btw.) Joshua and I are home schooled and I'm in 7th grade and Josh is in 5th. Well, I know from reading other blogs that no post is good without pictures so heres some:
Top row : (Left to Right) Joanna, Stephanie, Jarom, Justin, Jordan, Rory.
Middle row : ME! (Julia) Dad, Mom, Sadie, Jessica, Janae.
Bottom row : Josh. Haha.