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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our Pets

So here are pictures of our pets: This is Captain Hook. He got his name from the end of his tail which is curved. And he's evil.
This is Fluffy. You can see why she's named that.
This is Jake. He's a dork.
Okay, Cheese is on the left and Rocky is on the right. Cheese is Joshua's and Rocky is mine.
And this is Chocolate Chip. I couldn't find Oliver or Kit Kat so you'll have to live without a picture of them.
- Julia


  1. haha nice pics kiddos. I especially like the descriptions. "This is Jake. He's a dork." Cracked me up :)

  2. What if I CAN'T LIVE without a picture of Oliver or KitKat? How come me and Joanna's cats get left out!? (jk)

  3. yeah, what's with that?! i mean, i know fluffy's up there, but really, i detect a bit of discrimination here! I'm gonna stage a protest, make signs, give out t-shirts, until i see some equal representation up here!

    haha, just kidding

    but really

  4. MWAHAHAHA!!! My evil plan is working! I'm really turning Oliver and Kit Kat into EVIL MUTANT BARKING-LIKE-DOGS CATS!!!

  5. Wait, cross out CATS!!! EVIL BARKING-LIKE-DOGS CHINCHILLAS!! (sp?)

  6. i'm not entirely sure what is meant by the above comment, but i'll let it slide ;)