Time is like a circus, It's always packing up and moving away.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Sorry, we haven't blogged in a while so I'll sum it up.

* Joanna came.
* We went camping while Joanna was here.
* Learned how to play Werewolf.
* Learned about Cory, excuse me, Cody.
* Joanna left.
* We got new chickens. (they all died)
* Summer Break came.
* Jordan and Janae graduated.
*We got bored.
* Joanna got engaged.
* Got busy with wedding plans.
* Joanna Came to visit again ( She brought Cor- I mean Cody).
* Played hide'n'go seek in the dark.
* Ate Swei Jows.
* Joanna and Cor, Cody, left .
* Became more Involved in the wedding .
* Jessica had a baby.
* Sorry, I'll try to stop doing that.
* Baby got named Charlotte (or, in Sadie speak, La Let).
* Joanna came again.
* Went dress shopping .
* Didn't find a dress (Well, actually there was a dress in Utah That Joanna Really liked that she got.)
* Did more wedding stuff.
* CODY came.
* Joanna and Cody left.
* I'm getting excited for girls camp, and,

As you can see our life is kind of well, wedding. I also hope that you will forgive me because I didn't put any picture But I will soon. Gotta Go!

- Julia