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Monday, January 10, 2011


Extreme photo content! Don't worry I think you'll live. Sorry we haven't blogged since october so I'll start from there. So halloween was on a sunday this year so we just went to our ward party. So, I was Cinderella, Josh was a ninja,(all his friends copied him)Janae was a super baby(?), Jordan was a Hands of Blue, (or something like that) dunno what Joanna and Cody were, Jessica was Ursula(from The Little Mermaid) Rory was King Tritan(sp?) Charlotte was Sabastian (again, sp?) And Sadie was the little Mermaid!Ok photo time!IMG_2760.jpgSorry, dunno how shrink the pic. Anyway this is THe Little Mermaid Family! Well, my computer is being messed up right now so ill finish the post later. Sorry! - Julia