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Sunday, April 4, 2010


Sorry we have not blogged in a while, but we have been pretty busy. Anyway, we had a great easter. First Moms cousin and her husband came down from Cupertino for the morning session of General Conference. Then Jessica, Rory, Sadie, Grandma and Grandpa Lance, and Uncle Scott came over for the egg hunt and lunch. So, we have this sparkly golden egg we dubbed the Golden Egg. Whoever finds the Golden Egg gets a prize (and bragging rights). This year I FOUND THE GOLDEN EGG!!!!! Okay, its not that exciting since I've found it two other times. For the prize I got a golden colored color-it-yourself poster. Anyway, after I found the Golden Eg- I mean, finished the egg hunt, we watched the second session of General Conference and then everyone came back over for dinner. Well, its been a fun day! I think I'll finish by saying,

(Sorry, no pictures, you'll have to go to Jessica's blog for those!)

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