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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Well Well Well !

Isn't that a deep subject.

Dad thinks it's time we have a family letter or something to keep those of us here at 7015 Yorktown in touch with those elsewhere. Hence an update to the "Family" blog.

Dad upgraded his phone so he's been busy with that learning curve the past couple of days. It's the new Android Bionic. So far it has better things and more frustrating things to learn.

Mom and Dad have been volunteering at the temple one weekend a month. This is their second month. Mom still gets lost and doesn't always know where to go next, but loves being helpful. Dad has passed his veil worker training and really loves being there to serve.

It has been cool this summer, so cool that Mom just picked the first ripe tomato. Somehow the chickens managed to reach the other one through the netting. dang! At least they give us eggs back.

Julia and Josh started school a few weeks ago. Josh is doing a strength training gym class for PE. Janae and Julia have classes at Gav. Janae is taking night classes so she can keep working full time, Julia is taking beginning piano, an easy class to ease her into her course work for college. Jordan is working with Dad most days since he's getting a little better sleep. He looks professional in his painters pants.

Thats the update this far. There are no photos on this computer but we'll get some current photos up next week.

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  1. Well fancy that, y'all updated! keep it up, keep it up!